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|д꒪ͧ)… fsjablIHEOFIHWIOE

djon’t u tag me wiht this



[incoherent babbling]


hthts not hELPING.

[incoherent babbling]

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i lied. there are two and it’s closer to 12:30.

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midnight pancake

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Incredibly-Late-Pokéddexy-Like-Wow-It’s-Not-Even-2013 Day 24

and i also cheated and chose this one based on character design

i like meowth

this is the most perfect meowth drawing in the history of meowth

I’d go so far to say that it’s purrfect but I’m pretty sure there’s a subclaws of the Fandom Contract I signed that says I’m banned from making bad puns, no matter how hilarious I’m feline.

I hope you enjoyed this little chat we had.

thank you, friend. and thank you for the reblog, it really helped meowt

I wouldn’t worry too much about that contract, either. My lawyer advised me that the thing is littered with loopholes, and you should pounce on those bad puns before they’re considered faux-paw.

And of course I always enjoy our chats, but I really gato go.

I…do not remember this and would also like to know if context makes this any better

Update: I searched the image a received some context.

links to an article where the context makes less sense?

i was image searching “ditto mon amie”???

Incredibly-Late-Pokéddexy-Like-Wow-It’s-Not-Even-2013 Day 31

have you ever started on something thinking “wow this is a great idea, it’s gonna look so cool”

and then you fgucked ith upp

Incredibly-Late-Pokéddexy-Like-Wow-It’s-Not-Even-2013 Days 28, 29, and 30

i think haunter is pretty cute

Incredibly-Late-Pokéddexy-Like-Wow-It’s-Not-Even-2013 Days 25, 26, and 27

i received watercolor supplies for the holidays

(and if the first thing you did upon catching your death-bird wasn’t shoving poképuffs down their throat, i am judging you.)

Hello people, I am ready to stop lurking around on anon in your inboxes. In fact, I have the end of Pokéddexy, along with all the shame of not drawing for long enough to actually get worse. (at least i didn’t quit, i guess. this upcoming december will be better orz)

So, uh… Hi new followers that I somehow gained doing nothing? My ask box is open to everything—comments, suggestions, scenarios, requests, seriously requests because I don’t have many ideas.

Last thing, I would like to build up a queue to put up the facade of a responsible blogger, but also avoid being obnoxious on your dash. So, what is your ideal reblog frequency?

Late Pokeddexy Days 21, 22, and 23

Baby / Mega Evo / Single Stage

I think my problem is my perpetually shaky hands: I just crank up the stabilizer when I’m doing digital, but I can’t do that with physical. Practice will probably help.